Get Involved

Why become a senior peer counselor?

There are several ways you can get involved in senior peer counseling

  • Help your community: Know that you are giving your time, talent, wisdom, and experience to your community and neighbors who need you.
  • Help yourself: Through service, you can add to the quality and health of your life. Research indicates that volunteers enjoy better health, make new friendships, stay active and involved in the community, and learn new skills.
  • Make a difference: Be part of a national movement to transform America through the involvement of its citizens.

If you are already a senior peer counselor please consider joining the American Association of Senior Peer Counseling (AASPC). The AASPC is a not for profit organization committed to developing visibility and legitimacy to the senior peer counseling program and shared learning among counselors and AASPC members while promoting advocacy for seniors.

If you are an administrator and wish to develop a program for your community or already have established a program and would like to benefit from our established organization please join AASPC.

Board of Directors

kinji-gingerSince 2003 there have been yearly elections for board members. The Board of Directors may also appoint new members to fill vacancies as needed. If you have experience in our field and would like to contribute your time to our efforts, this is a great opportunity. Speak with one of our board members for more information and about the time commitment involved. Applications available on request.

Start a Program

Contact our board for information on training materials and network contacts. Our goal is to spread the benefits of the Senior Peer Counseling Program from coast to coast!

Volunteer at Events

pointingThere are many opportunities to serve your community by volunteering at one of the Regional Network Meetings held throughout California.  Contact the board for more information on these events.

Contact us now for more information on getting involved!