What is Senior Peer Counseling?

Senior Peer Counseling utilizes the skills and life experiences of older adults to provide emotional support to their peers.

Become a Senior Peer Counselor

Contact a program near you to find out about a training. Volunteer to help other seniors who are going through a difficult time and need a caring listener.

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Why Senior Peer Counseling?

Many of us have difficult times in our lives as we age. It can be helpful to meet with someone close to your age to share your thoughts and feelings and receive emotional support.

As we age certain changes can occur. Some of these changes are depression, isolation, illness/disability, anxiety, loneliness, and grief and loss.

A trained Senior Peer Counselor can provide support dealing with these challenges.


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The American Association of Senior Peer Counseling

The American Association of Senior Peer Counseling (AASPC) is an organization of program administrators, clinicians and volunteer counselors. AASPC provides networking, support, sharing of ideas, information, and knowledge to support all Senior Peer Counseling programs.

The AASPC Website

The website supports the AASPC mission and programs by collecting, processing, organizing, storing, and distributing information and knowledge by supplying a digital home for its members, all senior peer counselors, and for those in need of Senior Peer Counseling.