The Resources pages are a centralized repository of documents, video, audio, and links of information, knowledge, perspectives, and vision about senior peer counseling and many of its attending topics. We envision this page growing and changing as we strive to better serve your needs.

The first level categorization of our resources is based on media. They are categorized as Articles (documents), TED Talks (links to video presentations), audio and video, and links to external websites. A visitor can link directly to a specific media through the Navigation Bar.

Each of the media pages is then organized by topics. The current list of topics tracks an abbreviated list of issues and subjects deemed important to our senior peer counselors and program administrators. We encourage you to send us copies or links to information and knowledge on any topic you feel are helpful to either senior peer

counselors or program administrators. We will try to share it with visitors to our website.

Current List of Topics:


Alzheimer’s & Dementia

Death and Dying


End of Life

Food & Nutrition



Guilt & Anger

Heath care



Medicine & Pharmacology

Mental Wellness

Pain Management

Physical Disabilities

Quality of Life

Self Care & Compassion