Senior Peer Counseling


Senior peer counseling

Senior peer counselors are men and women, 50 and older, age will vary by program, coming from diverse backgrounds and experiences, who are selected for their warmth, understanding and respect for others.

Senior peer counselors are trained volunteers who provide one on one private, confidential emotional support to other seniors.  Senior peer counselors tend to be successful in delivering emotional assistance for other seniors because often they have common historical perspectives, life outlook and enjoy shared generational experiences.  

Many seniors despair at the thought of spending another day alone; depressed, and without emotional support in their lives.  Others are looking to use their accumulated experiences to benefit those in need of emotional support and lend an empathetic ear to lighten another’s load.  Whichever side of the equation you may be at this time in your life, senior peer counseling gives you the gratitude of healing and the relief of starting the journey of healing.  So whether you are a retiree looking for a worthwhile life experience or a senior battling with loneliness and depression, there is potentially a solution worthy of your time and effort for further exploration.   In the words of Carl Rogers, “Empathy is a special way of coming to know another and ourselves, a kind of attuning and understanding. When empathy is extended, it satisfies our needs and wish for intimacy, it rescues us from our feelings of aloneness.”

If you have questions, please contact a program near you for more information.  For a more clinical understanding of senior peer counseling, click on the link to Wikipedia and see what they have to say about this rapidly growing senior resource.

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Become a Senior Peer Counselor

Most Senior Peer Counselors report that they gain a lot by participating in training and becoming part of a Peer Counseling program. Counselors find that they gain as much as they give by helping another senior who needs a listening ear and some emotional support.

Check out our Locations section for a program near you. Contact the program to find out about their criteria and schedule for training to become a Senior Peer Counselor.


Why Senior Peer Counselor?

a little help means a lot

Counseling sessions can take place wherever you and your counselor are comfortable; whether it be at the nearby AASPC Center or in your home. You and your counselor will decide how often to meet. Meetings are usually once a week. You will work together to set goals, resolve issues, weather crises and achieve objectives.

Group Support

If you are more comfortable in a group setting, some Senior Peer Counseling Programs offer support groups which are invaluable in introducing you to others who are dealing with similar issues as yourself. Call your local program for times and locations.

Find a Senior Peer Counselor

The Senior Peer Counseling Program offers both individual counseling and support groups to residents who are 50 plus,  age varies by program. Our services are often free of charge and confidentiality is strictly observed. Through our program, active older adults are trained to assist fellow seniors and can provide the needed support and encouragement required in meeting the challenges of aging. Peers helping peers is a remarkable gift.

Talk to a Counselor

Finding help is possible by just calling a program near you. A counselor will then meet with you for an initial visit and match you with a trained senior peer counselor. Counselors are available throughout California and in other locations in the U.S., Canada, Europe and Japan. Family members, friends and health care practitioners are also encouraged to refer individuals who would benefit from our services.

To talk to someone about individual counseling or group support, locate and contact a nearby program today!