From A Senior Peer Counselor-

“I was gtestimony1iven a gift of gratitude yesterday. My weekly peer counseling visits have made a difference. Where there was once only endless days of despair, grief and pain, there are now days of hope, joy and vision.”

From a Community Program-

“I am the outreach coordinator for our senior center and I interview all the recipients of the senior meals program. Many seniors report loneliness and a desire to talk with someone. I use that opportunity to discuss Senior Peer Counseling and with their permission, I refer them to the Senior Peer Counseling Program.”

From a Sentestimony2ior Peer Counseling Client-

“After my wife died, I was honestly pretty lost. My daughter found the Senior Peer Counseling Program here. A nice person came to visit with me and referred me to my Senior Peer Counselor.  My senior peer counselor has helped me a lot! It make a difference that he is a man and close to my age.  He understands what I am going through and really listens to me. I would highly recommend this for other seniors who are going through a rough time.”



Peer counseling offers a safe place to reckon with aging, and now expands to Spanish speakers.