What is SPC?

What is SPC?

What is SPC?

The Story of Senior Peer Counseling

Because of life's transitions, many seniors experience bereavement, isolation, illness, depression and multiple losses. Dealing with these issues alone can be challenging. To help meet these challenges, a Senior Peer Counseling manual was developed in Santa Monica, California, in 1978 by the Center for Healthy Aging. There are many Senior Peer Counseling Programs serving older adults throughout the United States, Canada, Europe and Japan.

Senior Peer Counselors are concerned individuals who, because of the richness of their own life experiences, volunteer their time as a way to give back to the community and support their peers in meeting the challenges of aging.

Because education, training and supervision in counseling techniques are vital, Senior Peer Counselors go through an intensive training program and are supervised by professionals.

New programs are continually being developed to meet the growing needs of seniors in our society. Ongoing education, training and support prepare Senior Peer Counselors in their important contribution and provide an arena for seniors to give back to their communities. Senior Peer Counseling is about seniors helping seniors.

Please join us in this important work.

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